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Exploiting Complementary Terahertz Ellipsometry Configurations to Probe the Hydration and Cellular Structure of Skin In Vivo - Chen - 2021 - Advanced Photonics Research - Wiley Online Library.

A new postcard to show case our latest work (click for the full publcation list).

Our progress report entitled "Exploiting Total Internal Reflection Geometry for Terahertz Devices and Enhanced Sample Characterization", is featured on the back cover of Advanced Optical Materials.

The group at IRMMW-2019, Paris;
Kai, Rayko, Xavier, Emma, kaidi, JiaRui,Arturo
Emma gave a plenary talk at IRMMW-THz 2019;
The group at IRMMW-2018, Japan;
Swench, Kai, Rayko, Sarah, Emma, KaiDi, JiaRui, ZhangRui
Christmas gathering in the end of 2017
Group lunch in july 2017. A big change of people in the group. Xudong, Frank and Edward are leaving and the new comers are Rayko, KaiDi and Jiarui.
Left side: Xudong, Emma, Swench, Sarah, Frank, Edward.
Right side: Rayko, KaiDi, Jiarui, Kai, Zhang.
The group after celebrating Shuting's graduation in late 2015.
Top row: Ben Ung, Xudong Liu, Myrick Chow, Swench Chen, Frank He, Edward Parrott
Bottom row: Sarah Sun, Shuting Fan, Emma MacPherson, Chunrui Han

Structural Changes in human scar tissue that are nearly invisible to the eye show up in terahertz images months after the wound appears to have healed (left, 3 months after injury; right, 6 months)

Conference chair Emma MacPherson and conference co-chair Kwai Man Luk at the opening ceremony of IRMMW-THz 2015
A shot of the participants at IRMMW-THz 2015
The group at the terahertz conference hosted by us in August 2015.
Top row: Chunrui Han, Sarah Sun, Ben Ung, Emma MacPherson, Edward Parrott, Shuting Fan
Bottom row: Frank He, Myrick Chow, Swench Chen, Xudong Liu
The review article "The growth of biomedical terahertz research" has been published in the Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics
Our new technique for sample preservation has been published in Physics in Medicine and Biology