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Biomedical Engineering (BME) is a new and evolving interdisciplinary field of engineering. Innovative technologies and engineering principles are rapidly being introduced to solve medical and health care delivery problems. Biomedical engineers are increasingly being involved with the development of innovative methods for reliable, non-invasive and harmless diagnosis, monitoring, and treatment of diseases and injuries. With the foreseeable progress in electronics, information technology (IT), and optics, in the 21 st century, biomedical engineering will continue to provide us with newer and better medical equipment and clinical methods.

With decades of evolution, the BME field has established its own knowledge base and principles, which provide the foundation for biomedical engineering programs. It is an open research and academic exchange environment that promotes collaboration among researchers in engineering, medicine, and science from China and other countries to provide interdisciplinary insight into medical and life science problems.

1. To enhance research collaborations in the area of biomedical engineering for the advancement of scientific research.
2. To conduct basic and applied BME research and development.
3. To promote the development of biomedical engineering industry and technologies for health care delivery.
4. To offer opportunities for staff and students from different fields to participate in interdisciplinary activities.