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  Symposium Committee
 Conference Chair:
  • Dr. Bonato, Paolo, Harvard Medical School and Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology , USA
 Conference Co-Chair:
  • Dr. Lymberis, Andreas, European Commission, Information Society & Media Directorate General , Belgium
Technical Program Chair:
  • Dr. Zhang, Yuan-ting, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, HKSAR, China
Technical Program Co-Chair:
  • Dr. Asada, Harry, Massachusetts Institute of Technology , USA
Technical Program Members:
  • Mr. Davenport, David M. ,Global Research, GE , USA
  • Dr. De Rossi, Danilo, University of Pisa, Italy
  • Dr. Dittmar, Andre, CNRS/INSA Lyon , France
  • Dr. Falck, Thomas, Philips Research, Germany
  • Dr. Grajales, Liliana, Motorola Labs, USA
  • Dr. Jayaraman, Sundaresan, Georgia Institute of Technology , USA
  • Dr. Korhonen, Ilkka, VTT Information Technology, Finland
  • Dr. McAdams, Eric, University of Ulster , N. Ireland
  • Dr. Yang, Guang-zhong, Imperial College , UK

IEEE Local Chapter Representatives:

  • Dr. Brenan, Colin
  • Dr. Alongi, Robert

Partners Telemedicine:

  • Dr. Kvedar, Joseph C.
  • Mr. Ternullo, Joseph

Liaison with the Industry (CIMIT):

  • Ms. Kigin, Colleen
  • Ms. Ford-Carleton, Penny F.
  • Ms. Crosby, Janice E.
Local Arrangements:
  • Ms. Restuccia, Nina
  • Ms. McGill, Pamela
  • Ms. Midwood, Sara
  • Dr. Chen, Fei
  • Mr. Liang, Yongpei
Student Activities:
  • Ms. Poon, Carmen C.Y.
  • Ms. Flexman, Jennifer
  • Mr. Patel, Shyamal
  • Ms. Capelo, Patricio
  • Mr. Chua, Eric
  • Ms. Mattmann, Corinne
  • Mr. Wade, Eric
  • Ms. Yan, Iris
  • Dr. Yan, Yong-sheng


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