Paper Submission

Each paper is limited to 2-4 pages including reference. An extra charge will be applied for the additional page(s). Detailed information about manuscript preparation for paper submission and required format can be found at the website

  1. Please follow the page margins strictly. Specifically, if you are using LaTeX style files, please ensure that page margins are strictly followed. The paper margin information is available on the website
  2. All submissions must be in US Letter page size and 2-column format.
  3. Please do not put your own page numbers on the manuscript.

ONLY PDF files will be accepted. Click here for the Requirements for IEEE Xplore PDF. Please click sample paper to see a PDF file of a paper with the required format. To create the PDF file, the MS-Word tempate/file are given below.

Online paper submission for MBDS-BHE has been closed.

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