Guests of Honor

Prof. ZHANG, Xian-En 张先恩

  • Director of the Department of Basic Research, Ministry of Science and Technology, China


Prof. LIU, Ying-Li 刘应力

  • Deputy Party Secretary, Party Organization Office,
    Shenzhen Municipal Government,
    Former Deputy Mayor of Shenzhen


Prof. YOUNG, Kenneth 杨纲凯

  • Pro-Vice-Chancellor / Vice-President
    Professor of Physics
    The Chinese University of Hong Kong


Prof. CHING, Pak-Chung 程伯中

  • Pro-Vice-Chancellor / Vice-President
    Director of Shun Hing Institute of Advanced Engineering
    Professor of Electronic Engineering


Invited Distinghuished Guests (alphabetically ordered)

Prof. LI, Yan-Da

  • CAS Academician
    Professor, Tsinghua University

Prof. LIU, Sheng-Gang

  • CAS Academician
    Professor, University of Electronics Sciences and Technology of China

Prof. NI, Jia-Zuan

  • CAE Academician
    Professor, Shenzhen University

Prof. WU, Pei-Heng

  • CAS Academician
    Professor, Nanjing University

Prof. YAO, Jian-Quan

  • CAS Academician
    Professor, Tianjin University

Prof. ZHANG, Yun

  • CAE Academician
    Professor, Shandong University

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Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Key Laboratory for Biomedical Informatics and Health Engineering of Chinese Academy of Sciences
Co-Sponsored by: Chinese Academy of Sciences, and CUHK-PolyU Joint University Consortium on Biomedical Engineering
Technically Co-Sponsored by: IEEE-EMBS, IEEE-EMBS Hong Kong Chapter, and The Chinese University of Hong Kong

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